Minimal time tracking and task management app built on Laravel+CoreUI for small teams to keep everything simple and everyone on the same page. It provides very simple task management with features like time tracking, clients and project management, Task tagging, team management along with web timer.



Clients & Project Management

Manage a list of all of your clients with their details along with their projects.


Team Management

Manage all your team members in one place along with who works in which projects.


Tasks & Tags

Manage all of your tasks of different projects with time entries. You can also tag your tasks as you need for milestones and sprints which later can help in reporting to filter tasks.


Time Entries

Time entry also supports activity types, so you can precisely track how much time was spent on each activity like Coding, Documentation, Peer Reviews, etc.


Web Timer

Web timer can help you to track time entries on a particular task. It's so smart that even if you close the tag or entire browser, it still works when you come back.



Details reporting with various filters like User, Activity Type, Project with static and dynamic date intervals and more.