InfyTracker is a minimal time tracker and task management tools built for small teams to keep everything simple and everyone on the same page.

It provides very simple task management with features like Clients and Projects management, Tasks management with time entries, Team management along with Roles and Permissions and a very nice Web Timer to track the time for the particular task.




The client is a very first starting entity of any Task or Project management system. You may have one or more than one clients. InfyTracker provides very clean and simple client management with client details.


Projects are the very second entity for organizing stuff. Manage your projects which belongs to the same or different clients since you may have multiple projects for the same client with assigning Users to the particular projects.

Users (Team)

Behind every great Product, there is a great team. You can manage all of your team members at a single place along with their Projects and Roles and what permissions they can have and what they can access and not.

Roles + Permissions

You have total control on your team members for who can access what. The administration can define roles as per need with desired permissions and assign those roles to various team members.

Task Management

InfyTracker provides very clean task management with only necessary fields. The task can have multiple assignees, priority, reporter, status, and description. No more complex and long task management form.

File Management

Attach your files on your tasks to attach more information on the task along with option of storing your files with your choice of the file storage service from various services like Amazon S3, Digital Ocean, Local and FTP.

Comments & Tags

Collaboration between the team is important. You can comment on tasks to keep your task information up to date and to collaborate with your team members. Also, you can put your choice of Tags on the task with a way you want. Create custom tags which are useful to filter out tasks.

Time Entries & Widget

Keeping a track of your time spent on a particular task is important. We made it easy by providing a very simple web timer widget. Click the timer, select task and start the timer. Once you are done, insert notes and stop the timer. It will automatically record time entry on that task.


Create reports to get insights What has been accomplished, by Whom, in What amount of time, on Which project, of Which client. All these information are easy to access by creating reports with desired filters based on your need for a given period of time by reports.



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