FlatLab Templates

FlatLab templates are deprecated. Use AdminLTE-templates.

  1. Complete Generator Installation Process
  2. Remove Existing Templates
  3. Add Package
  4. Run Composer update
  5. Add Service Provider
  6. Update Configuration
  7. Publish Layout
  8. Add FlatLab Theme
We Highly recommend to use AdminLTE Templates, as flatlab-templates are no longer actively maintained. Read more details here.

Complete Generator Installation Process

Make sure you have completed a full installation process which is described here

Remove Existing Templates

Remove any previous included templates stuff. like,

"infyomlabs/core-templates": "dev-master" from your composer.json

\InfyOm\CoreTemplates\CoreTemplatesServiceProvider::class, from your config/app.php

Add Package

To use FlatLab templates, add following to your composer.json if you haven't.

"require": {
    "infyomlabs/flatlab-templates": "dev-master"

Run Composer update

Run composer update command.

Add Service Provider

Add following service providers into your providers array in config/app.php


Update Configuration

Update config/infyom/laravel_generator.php to use FlatLab templates.

Update 'templates' => 'flatlab-templates'

Publish Layout

If you are using published layout from generator then you need to publish layout files again by,

php artisan infyom.publish:layout 

And overwrite each and every file.

Add FlatLab theme

Extract the theme that you have purchased. Find the following folders from admin/template_content folder and put it in public folder of your project.

  • assets
  • css
  • fonts
  • img
  • js

Open file, resources/views/layouts/app.blade.php and find path-to-flatlab and replace this with your FlatLab theme's admin/template_content folder with above added folders.

Now you are all set to use FlatLab templates.