We have worked on many projects that required creating APIs and scaffold CRUD type of thing. And the problem that we faced was every time create a bunch of files like Migration, Model, Controller, Repository and even test cases.

So finally we wanted a way to streamline this process and my first package laravel-api-generator package was born. In a few days it got a huge attraction and laravel community started using it with various issues, pull requests and feature requests.

That was all running fine, but still, we were not fully satisfied with features where we can have the option to generate test cases, swagger annotations, auth scaffold, layouts and scaffold templates of your choice of CSS framework like bootstrap, materializecss, semantic-ui etc.

so we decided to rewrite the package in a fully modular way with a bunch of new features. And by the time we created this new package.

  1. Core Features
    • Migration
    • Model
    • Repository
    • Request
    • routes.php adjustment
  2. API Generator
  3. Scaffold Generator
  4. AdminLTE Templates support
  5. Swagger Generation
  6. Generate CRUD from existing Table
  7. Advance Prefix/Sub folder Options
  8. Save schema & Generate CRUD from schema file
  9. Support to Publish and Customize templates
  10. One click clone Boilerplates
  11. Publish Layout for admin panel & Auth files
  12. Individual commands for file generation
  13. Rollback command to delete generated files
  14. Options

Let's get started with installation.